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« In the moment we are born, we are drawn to form a union with others. An abiding drive to connect, to love, and to belong. In a perfect union, we find the strength we cannot find in ourselves. But its strength cannot be known until it is tested. »                                                                          From « Revenge ». 

To connect 

I was born with many complications, that is why my parents always treat me like a fragile child. I would never blame them for anything because to me, they are the most incredible people in the whole world ; raising a son like me was definitely not an easy task. However at the same time, being overprotected is not necessarily a good thing either! I remember in elementary class, I was always standing in the courtyard all by myself, watching the other kids play. I was unable to connect with my classmates : I was too shy to talk, too scared to ask, and too lost to play. Luckily, in fourth grade, I met my very first best friend with whom having a conversation doesn’t make knots in my stomach. And it took me 15 years to realize what was the strength that shaped that connection : unlike me, that friend is talkative, confident and strong. 

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